Single Photo

Prices of a photo: 1920px = $10, 3000px = $100, Full Size >4800px = $300

The image is sent by mail after payment. Payment of photos happens through PayPal

You can get any ready author's photo in electronic form. The photo is the art finished work. Buying the image, you agree with conditions on a right of use provided below: Copyright of images remains only with the author of the photo. Photos can be used for calendars and advertizing production. Purchase isn't subject to return or an exchange. The size of original photos from 2Mb to 200Mb. Before purchase of the photo the format and the size of this file is coordinated. The exclusive right of possession of a photo of a full format for a period of 1 year raises the price twice. In total more than 4000 photos. Write me E-mail
It is possible to look according to this link: Artworks Sale

Store 3000px Size JPG (100$)


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